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"Just took delivery of this album, after having to wait on the second pressing, so popular was the first!... Obviously 'Inside' is the key track. Love the vocals on that, nice rock feel to it, reminds me a bit of Amy Lee and how she likes to variate between emotional quiet vocals to the more raunchier powerful vocal.

'Out Of Yourself' is my personal favourite! Vocals are luscious, warm, dreamlike. Not sure if Anna Christina has harmonised with someone else, harmonised with herself, or simply over-dubbed! Love this one lyrically too. A gem!

'Braveface', I love! Combination of the bass and drums is absolutely spot on. Well done to the mixing team! What goes around is a good old fashioned anthemic rock choon. Great mix of melodic and raunch. Hard to categorise this band, and that is probably what the band want to hear!

All in all, a brilliant album. Can't really say there's a weak track on there. Lyrics a tad dark in places, and I like that Anna Christina can express emotion without it sounding too dark. But the album isn't just about Anna Christina! David Ryder Prangley's guitar work is sublime, and the rhythm section of Belle and Adie is powerful, yet sublime. Aaron's guitar work also adds so much to this quite brilliant album."

Garreth Plant 2018. Subba-Cultcha

Strength & Grace Album Reviews

INSIDE: - A pulsating beat opens the track as a deep throbbing bass follows, Anna-Christina comes in with some lovely ethereal vocals. This is a very atmospheric and trance like number full of little gems of various sounds. The track comes more alive with a catchy chorus that adds brightness to the proceedings. The number grabs your mind and soul cloaking it with a mellow wave of sound and lovely arrangements as it swoons and sways in and out of different tones and shades.

OUT OF YOURSELF: - Opening with just the delicate soft vocals of Anna-Christina which are very soothing as she draws you into the number as a spacey sound comes into play followed by humming strings. There seems to be a lot of sadness in the over all feel at this stage. The track then goes into a steady beat and ignites with some lovely guitar work and Belle's drum beat. A warming glow oozes from every pore of this mixed track, that has been beautifully arranged around Anna-Christina's classy vocals. A deep feeling number full of ambience.

FREE INSTEAD: - This is a more uptoned number with a funky, groovy beat, mellow in places and a stroger rocking groove in others. Anna-Christina is on fine form with her wonderful, effective vocals. Great rocking guitar riffs and solos in this number that gives the track a dose of super energy, whist Belle's drumming taps out a great solid backbone beat. A number full of little gems of brilliance.

BRAVEFACE: - From the onset we have a soft piano along side Anna-Christina's vocals and a nice deep bass, as a solid tempo starts to develop. Great piano work really adds essence to the number along side some soft strings. This is another track full of deep feeling and emotion and is soothing and relaxing. There is a slight jazzy edge in places and the far out guitar vibes all add that extra touch. A softish number that has been carefully arranged and delivered to full effect for your enjoyment.

UNDER YOUR SKIN: - We are back and delving into a very delicate mode as we open with Anna-Christina's soothing vocals along side a soft background sound. This is a very nice number that sinks slowly into your system. The track explodes with some octane fuelled energy as fuzzy, soaring guitars come into play together with some deep bass lines and Belle's powerful drumming, a strong section before the track floats down and settles back for a soft ending.

THE DARKNESS FADES: - Another atmospheric number with super piano notes, soft rumbling bass lines and lots of delicate vibes and auras. Anna-Christina's crystal clear vocals shine like a diamond. Great arrangements on this low key track that has a wonderful essence to it, excellent meaningful song delivered with great subtlety. Haunting at times.

WHAT GOES AROUND: - Right here we go with a more rockier number that has a great groove. Anna-Christina produces a much stronger vocal style here along with great stabbing guitars and Belle on fine form with a great drum beat. The track has a super, catchy, commercial style chorus that is delightful. Lovely stuff with a chunky vibes and different little avenues to discover.

MIND & SOUL: - We begin with some lovely acoustic guitar work as Anna-Christina comes in with some breathtaking fragile vocals that delve deep into your soul and stir up a great feeling within. This is a beautiful song that oozes love and is full of meaningful and emotional vibes. Let this number waft over you and sink into your very being, it may even bring a little tear to the corner of your eye. A highly emotional offering indeed and it is absolutely stunning.

What we have here with LILYGUNS latest offering is an album of pure chilling out delight, if you are looking for something to headbang to, then this album is not for you (although there are some outburts of more rockier interludes) this is an album to put on the earphones and sit down and relax to. Well crafted and arranged and so different to what they have produced before. Anna-Christina with hell a lot of talent and a great song writer to be admired and listened to. This album is a breathe of fresh air and so different to the norm, highly enjoyable, one for the purists and fans of the softer side of the rock genre. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Graham Letchford. 2017 Black Phoenix Rising

"This album is not metal, a kinda soft rock record with ample crossover appeal that should surely see Lilygun propelled onto mainstream radio big time! The aforementioned 'Inside' is a brooding opener with a helluva catchy chorus with second cut 'Out Of Yourself' another slow brooding number. The band can also take it up a notch with cuts like 'What Goes Around', coupled with another catchy chorus. This album is a beautiful effort, encompassing mainly slow atmospheric tracks, but it is well worth checking out."

Dave Smith 2017. Ravenheart Music

Lilygun Debut Album Reviews

"With this valiant effort, we could very see them becoming a potential household name at festivals like Download, it's just a matter of time and you will never waste any time in checking this lot out, this is going to be big."

Rhys Stevenson. Global Metal Apocalypse (9.5)

"Escaping the genre trap with consummate ease, Lilygun's self-titled debut deals in freedom of expression and a feast of guitar-driven emotion dredged from the depths of London's underground live music scene. Impossible to pigeon-hole and yet easy to admire, Lilygun could be the shot in the arm British rock is searching for."

Gun-Ho. Rush On Rock (8/10)

“There have been many debut albums that bring you that "wow" factor and Lilygun is right up there with the best. The songs are atmospheric, played brilliantly but above all sung to perfection by front woman Anna-Christina. Lilygun are getting the attention and recognition from the music industry for all their qualities and hard work. About bloody time too.”

Neil Richardson. Roomthirteen.com (13/13)

"What’s most striking about the album from Lilygun is how they’ve combined a real sense of catchiness with their technical approach to things, combining their signature sound with an almost mainstream like quality, something which will stand them out as more than a simple rock band. This ability, and the resulting sound is what makes this such a stand out album, and one which I have a feeling is going to do remarkably well once it’s in the public domain from the 10th of September. If you only ever listen to one album we review, then make it this one – believe me when I say it’s worth your while!"

Dave Nicholls. Loud-Stuff

“Few bands in recent memory have grabbed my attention like London rockers Lilygun. There is so much depth to this record. It’s dark and cerebral, it’s moody and pensive, it’s operatic and it rocks balls. Musically, there is an evident solid chemistry with gorgeous bass lines by Aaron John and David Ryder Prangley and drummer Belle Star laying down the foundation for massive orchestral highs and magnificently simple lows. Add to this a deliciously balanced mix of guitar sounds, ranging from haunting background growls to full bore wall-o’-sound solos. Then there is the tour-de-force that IS Anna-Christina. With song writing chops that, for me, rival those of the great Tori Amos, she is certain to be a force to be reckoned with. This is not to mention the fact that she is one of the most gorgeous bad-ass rocker women I’ve ever seen.”

Kevin. Nanobot Rock Reviews

“This is a set of songs written by the band’s dynamic and charismatic singer, Anna-Christina, demonstrating such variety that it’s difficult to pin the sound down to 1 genre. The arrangements squeeze every last drop out of a fairly traditional line-up and create a huge dynamic range across the album. This is a great first album from an original and inventive band and I haven’t heard anything else this year to surpass this in terms of raw power and dynamic range; they’ve been on the horizon for a while now and this should be the breakthrough. This is a great album.”

Allan McKay. Music Riot

"This band is going places, no doubt about it and I strongly suggest that radio stations and festival organisers start checking them out now! The band deliver 8 tracks of Rock music that brims with attitude and melody."

Dave. Ravenheart Music

“Anna-Christina's voice is both unique and unexpected. The album only hints at the intensity this band could create live; it's a tease, a promise of better things, an album that will leave you on the hunt for tickets to see them play live. Lilygun know how to lead their listeners, drawing them intimately close before hitting them hard with a punk riff or two. Lilygun's debut album is an insight into just what they can do, varied and exciting, it clearly sets them up as one to watch.”

Keller. EGL Magazine

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